prototypes interior objects

PERFORATED | The properties of the perforated sheet are the formability. The perforated structure is suitable to include it in the object. Different models can be attached to each other by means of connectors inserted through the holes. This way the elements can be joined together and different constellations can be created. On the other hand the sheet metal looks very light due to the hole structure. By folding the sheet twice, a form is created which can be used as a table, stool or backrest. Similar to folded paper, folded sheet metal is unbelievably stable and allows stability despite low thicknesses. The light permeability of the holes creates a wonderful play of light and shadow depending on the exposure and thus affects the room / the environment.


POOLBANK | This interior object is especially made for the outdoor use. The frame is build out of stainless steel, the seat cushion out of pool noodle (foam). This material makes it as well weatherproof as comfortable.

The seat surface can be converted into storage space.


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