material research projects

THE UNKNOWN HARVEST questions the way we treat materials and their waste. Material is taken for granted. We use it, often wastefully and with little respect. We see the benefits, choose rationally and are ignorant of the resources and energies it takes to produce the material. I deal with aluminium as material and red mud as critical waste. Aluminium is omnipresent. Up to 60 Million tons are produced annually worldwide. The production of aluminium requires a lot of resources and energy, and it often ends up as a short-lived product. In comparison to the end product, the waste is anything but present, yet it exists in quantities. One ton of aluminium oxide produces about 1.5 tons of red mud, but it is banished far away from any presence, and is thus out of sight. I am analyzing the potential of red mud with a view to its possible use. Due to various ingredients, such as heavy metals, iron and other oxides, which are also used as an admixture in ceramic glazes to achieve certain effects and colors, it was close for me to move experimentally in this field.

- 2019, ongoing project -

IM FOKUS | There is material which is only used to protect other value products. It has a function, but never stands for itself. This is an experiment to put the focus on these unseen materials by playing with there characteristics, forms and colors.

Exhibit at the Dutch Design Week 2017, Sectie C Hal 6, Floating Exhibition


KAFFA | Coffeground is an unused waste material with usable properties. This material research plays with the natural colouring power of coffee. The remaining coffee brew mixed with ceramic powder and water develops a slight to intensive discoloration of the ceramic, depending on the coffee content. The small powder grains also create an interesting structure in the ceramic. The study covers the behaviour of the colouring of the coffee on different materials. The series includes roasted coffee- and espresso cups.


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